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i-resell – what is it all about?

Website News May 26, 2013

i-resell – what is it all about?

i-resell has been created as alternative channel for people selling goods to meet people looking to buy those goods by a sales professional and technology specialist to try and offer something a little different and part of the main focus was to significantly reduce the “spam” element that can feature on sites that advertise freely on the internet.

Another feature is a reduced and more streamlined category range so it does not effectively become what may be termed as a “flee-market” by looking at categories of products that are not exactly day to day products but very much in demand such as Recreational Vehicles, Garden Supplies, Real Estate, Construction Equipment and Green Energy Supplies. We do have categories for household good and electronics to name a few but have tried to strike a balance of offering choice but not too much choice that the site becomes bewildering, confusing or simply too big to manage effectively.

The intention was never to go head to head with some of the major sites that bring buyers and sellers together but we hope you will excuse any comparisons that are drawn over the coming months in our weekly blog as we believe we are a good alternative to the likes of eBay and Amazon for a number of reasons, one of them being our fees!

eBay has a terribly complicated structure with fees at both ends, advertising and a selling fee and in the case of items over $50 works out rather expensive, whereas i-resell keeps it simple with a small advertising cost up front and nothing more to pay. This can easily result in substantial saving for both parties as the seller can now sell cheaper while retaining the bottom line and buyers can buy cheaper thanks to the low advertising costs – i-resell is a win-win website!

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