Online Classifieds Ads vs. Print Classifieds Ads

The number of people who are using online classifieds ads as opposed to print classifieds ads is continuously growing since more and more people are seeing the advantages that are associated with online classifieds advertisement websites.

Since online classifieds ads are able to provide individuals with targeted leads, they increase the likelihood of actually selling something using classifieds ads. Nowadays, different websites specialize in ads pertaining to different things, which means your ad will most likely be seen by only people who could become potential buyers. For example, websites like Resell have powerful search features that enable people who are interested in finding specific products to simply search for them. This means buyers and sellers are connected much more easily through online classifieds ads as opposed to their print counterparts.

Print classifieds ads are generally more costly than their online counterparts. Since space is not an issue on the internet, you don’t have to be particularly mindful of space constraints. Large classifieds ads with photographs and extensive descriptions take up a lot of space in print, and end up costing a significant amount of money. If you’re posting online, you don’t really need to worry about posting too much information. Plus, there are great sites like I-Resell that let you post things online for free.

People who have generally been reluctant to post online classifieds ads for the sole reason that not enough people will see them should realize that over half the world now has access to the internet. Most Americans use the internet on a daily basis, and fewer people are subscribing to newspapers, which are where most print classifieds ads are published. If you want to target the most people, it is about time you start putting your classifieds ads in the right place.

November 15, 2013 5:21 am

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