How to Sell Safely Using a Classifieds Ad

Do you have way too much stuff cluttering up your garage? If so, that nuisance might just turn out to be extremely profitable for you. If you make use of a free classifieds ad website such as i-resell, you might be able to get rid of things you don’t quite need for a good price. Many people are reluctant selling their items on classifieds ad sites of stories that circulate about people getting conned out of their things and not getting paid.

 While it can not be denied that it is possible to not get paid for something that you have agreed to sell, most sales that occur through a classifieds ad are successful. The first step is to list your products. Remember to list everything separately, and to include catchy descriptions and images so that buyers are lured into making a deal with you. Make sure the buyer knows everything there is to know about the product, and that the final price is agreed upon so that no dispute arises as to the quality or condition of the product.

If you have never sold something to a particular buyer before, you should make sure you two meet in order to complete the transaction. If you do not live in the same city, avoid making agreements to post them the items before you receive the money. If they do not agree on paying you upfront, you should try finding another buyer who lives closer to you. You should try to meet in a public, open space so that your safety is not compromised.

If you are meeting in your home, you should make sure you have your eyes on the person at all times. The last thing you would want is for them to pick up something that does not belong to them. Keep the item ready, packaged and with you so that you can complete the transaction as soon as the buyer arrives. Count the money properly before handing over the parcel.

September 7, 2013 1:12 pm

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