Why you should advertise with i-resell

Why you should advertise with i-resell

On any given day there are people who have something to sell on line, be it a used car or motorcycle, trailers, a DVD player and so on but with larger items it is not always easy to find someone in the immediate locality to buy what is on offer. Newspaper advertising has worked up to a point in years gone by but appears to be less effective since the launch of the internet so it makes sense to use the internet to buy and sell goods.

This was realized quite a number of years ago when 2 guys from a bedroom developed the early eBay, an online phenomena without actually having anything to offer other than an advertising platform. That is essential what i-resell is but with a few significant differences.

Low fees

To advertise there is a one off fee of $2.50 for a 30 day period, or $3.00 for 45 days ($0.06 a day!) and there are no further fees to pay – no selling commission charge and no additional fees for images used. One reason why you should advertise with i-resell


This is another area where we do need to draw a comparison with eBay and their current ridiculous (DSR’s) Detailed Seller Rating. If  you have used that site under that system you will understand that they are geared to increase their income and as a tool to coerce sellers in to operating in the way eBay wants them to, leaving the sellers hands tied and at the mercy of the buyer who could potentially damage a sellers account. We have none of that here so another why you should advertise with i-resell.

Payment for goods

Sellers and buyers agree between themselves how to proceed with the transaction and i-resell takes no commission for any payments made, unlike eBay who insist on Paypal (one of their own companies) then take a further 3% or so from the sale and shipping costs – yet another why you should advertise with i-resell.