Why i-Resell is better than eBay

A few weeks ago we said that we hope you will excuse any comparisons that we make to eBay, well this week we are going to retract that statement after some careful consideration and tell you why i-Resell is better than eBay for selling your items.

Although we do not regard i-resell to be a significant competitor but we do have significant benefits and reasons as to why sellers of goods should consider selling on our platform, so here is Why i-Resell is better than eBay and a viable alternative to eBay:-

  • Our fees are easy to understand, we do not have a complicated fee structure.
  • There are no selling fees for any sale that is completed.
  • We do not insist that Paypal is offered as a payment method, a buyer and seller is free to agree a method for payment. You can, if you wish, pay cash or by cashier’s check.
  • We do not have a ridiculous feedback system that allows opinions to penalize a seller in any way.
  • We do not have a search engine that displays baby clothing when you are looking for a 32 inch flat screen television set.
  • eBay charges an advertising fee every 30 days as a maximum, i-Resell allows 45 days of advertising.
  • Our support staff are not based overseas, and have a full understanding of our system, meaning they do not read a response from a scripted sheet, you get proper answers.
  • We do not arbitrarily ban the sale of certain items from being advertised (unless they are illegal).

So far that is 8 reasons as to why i-Resell is better than eBay and over the coming weeks we will expand on some of the comparisons to emphasize the reasons why you should consider at least trying out our advertising platform.

Once you have used it and see that it does work, you can tell your friends why i-Resell is better than eBay too.