Advantages of Selling on I-Resell

The benefits of selling your goods on the internet are well-documented. Whether you run a business or just want to get rid of your stuff quickly without incurring excessive costs, the internet helps you sell with unprecedented ease. There are a number of reasons why selling on I-Resell works. First of all, you will not need to spend large amounts of money paying a physical shop to sell your goods, or renting out a shop for yourself.

Another advantage of selling on I-Resell is that there is no limit on the number of items. Other websites charge heavy fees to list each product you buy, but here at I-Resell, we are committed to letting you list as many products as you want! Say goodbye to spending a whole lot of money on renting out a big shop to sell big. Share as much information as you need with prospective buyers Are you only selling things parttime? If you cannot commit all your time to a physical shop or cannot afford to hire somebody to take care of thi…
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Tips for Listing your Items on I-Resell

There is no easier way to make a quick buck than listing your items on I-Resell. However, many people are not successful when they actually list their products on the internet. How is it that some manage to make a lot of money selling things they no longer need on the internet while others struggle? The answer is quite simple. If you belong to the former group of people, you have most likely mastered the best techniques for listing your items on I-Resell.

Catchy titles help attract buyers

The first thing potential buyers will see about your listing is its title. If you have a boring title that doesn't give sufficient information about your product, they’ll likely turn away and look at another product. This does not mean that you should stuff irrelevant information into your title. However, you should make sure you capitalize the key defining features of your listing so that buyers are drawn towards clicking on it and learning mor…

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Why i-Resell is better than eBay

A few weeks ago we said that we hope you will excuse any comparisons that we make to eBay, well this week we are going to retract that statement after some careful consideration and tell you why i-Resell is better than eBay for selling your items. Although we do not regard i-resell to be a significant competitor but we do have significant benefits and reasons as to why sellers of goods should consider selling on our platform, so here is Why i-Resell is better than eBay and a viable alternative to eBay:- Our fees are easy to understand, we do not have a complicated fee structure. There are no selling fees for any sale that is completed. We do not insist that Paypal is offered as a payment method, a buyer and seller is free to agree a method for payment. You can, if you wish, pay cash or by cashier's check. We do not have a ridiculous feedback system that allows opinions to penalize a seller in any way. We do not have a search engine that displays baby clothing whe…
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Benefits of selling online

i-Resell is not merely a website for buyers and sellers of used goods, it is a trading platform for businesses too but if course a business owner needs to know what the benefits of selling online are for him or her. Customer Base One of the key factors that make Internet advertising so successful is potential size of the marketplace. Gone are the days when the only option was a local store, mall or specialized business, even for large domestic or industrial items. Internet advertising reaches to millions of people every day so the potential must also be significant for any who uses it to advertise. Overheads Many small businesses have been developed and a good number have flourished without the need for renting commercial property as there are many ways in which money can be made online without all the overhead costs that come with a bricks and n mortar store or warehouse premises, selling this way is one of the most significant benefits of selling online. With sell…
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Why you should advertise with i-resell

Why you should advertise with i-resell On any given day there are people who have something to sell on line, be it a used car or motorcycle, trailers, a DVD player and so on but with larger items it is not always easy to find someone in the immediate locality to buy what is on offer. Newspaper advertising has worked up to a point in years gone by but appears to be less effective since the launch of the internet so it makes sense to use the internet to buy and sell goods. This was realized quite a number of years ago when 2 guys from a bedroom developed the early eBay, an online phenomena without actually having anything to offer other than an advertising platform. That is essential what i-resell is but with a few significant differences. Low fees To advertise there is a one off fee of $2.50 for a 30 day period, or $3.00 for 45 days ($0.06 a day!) and there are no further fees to pay – no selling commission charge and no additional fees for images used. One reason wh…
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i-resell – what is it all about?

i-resell - what is it all about? i-resell has been created as alternative channel for people selling goods to meet people looking to buy those goods by a sales professional and technology specialist to try and offer something a little different and part of the main focus was to significantly reduce the “spam” element that can feature on sites that advertise freely on the internet. Another feature is a reduced and more streamlined category range so it does not effectively become what may be termed as a “flee-market” by looking at categories of products that are not exactly day to day products but very much in demand such as Recreational Vehicles, Garden Supplies, Real Estate, Construction Equipment and Green Energy Supplies. We do have categories for household good and electronics to name a few but have tried to strike a balance of offering choice but not too much choice that the site becomes bewildering, confusing or simply too big to manage effectively. The intention …
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