Benefits of selling online

i-Resell is not merely a website for buyers and sellers of used goods, it is a trading platform for businesses too but if course a business owner needs to know what the benefits of selling online are for him or her.

Customer Base

One of the key factors that make Internet advertising so successful is potential size of the marketplace. Gone are the days when the only option was a local store, mall or specialized business, even for large domestic or industrial items. Internet advertising reaches to millions of people every day so the potential must also be significant for any who uses it to advertise.


Many small businesses have been developed and a good number have flourished without the need for renting commercial property as there are many ways in which money can be made online without all the overhead costs that come with a bricks and n mortar store or warehouse premises, selling this way is one of the most significant benefits of selling online. With selling on i-Resell, the overheads are reduced even further as the advertising fee paid can be as little as 2.5% on a $100 product.

Business Hours

Your business hours can be tailored according to your business plan but obviously with having your goods advertised for 24 hours a day, your actual working hours be whatever you want them to be. This is possibly one of the biggest benefits of selling online.


As your business is effectively invisible except for your online store or advertising campaign, people will judge your business only by what they see on their monitor. If your site presentation is acceptable you can compete with the “big boys”, certainly enough to make it a worthwhile venture.

So if you are looking to use i-Resell as a business platform please do come in and test the water and see how much money you can save compared to using some of the more well-known internet “auction sites”

June 8, 2013 3:39 am

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