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Online Classifieds Ads vs. Print Classifieds Ads

uncategorized November 15, 2013

The number of people who are using online classifieds ads as opposed to print classifieds ads is continuously growing since more and more people are seeing the advantages that are associated with online classifieds advertisement websites.

Since online classifieds ads are able to provide individuals with targeted leads, they increase the likelihood of actually selling something using classifieds ads. Nowadays, different websites specialize in ads pertaining to different things, which means your ad will most likely be seen by only people who could become potential buyers. For example, websites like Resell have powerful search features that enable people who are interested in finding specific products to simply search for them. This means buyers and sellers are connected much more easily through online classifieds ads as opposed to their print counterparts.

Print classifieds ads are generally more costly than their online counterparts. Since space is not an issue on the internet, you don’t have to be particularly mindful of space constraints. Large classifieds ads with photographs and extensive descriptions take up a lot of space in print, and end up costing a significant amount of money. If you’re posting online, you don’t really need to worry about posting too much information. Plus, there are great sites like I-Resell that let you post things online for free.

People who have generally been reluctant to post online classifieds ads for the sole reason that not enough people will see them should realize that over half the world now has access to the internet. Most Americans use the internet on a daily basis, and fewer people are subscribing to newspapers, which are where most print classifieds ads are published. If you want to target the most people, it is about time you start putting your classifieds ads in the right place.

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What to do Before Posting your Free Classifieds Ads

uncategorized November 10, 2013

Most people don’t think too much about posting free classifieds ads. It doesn’t cost anything, most people think,  what damage could result from not doing it right. There are a number of things that you should do before you hit that ‘Submit’ button if you want your free classifieds ads to be effective. In this article, we will walk you through some of the key things you should keep in mind while submitting an ad.

Always use a legitimate business name

It is important that your business is properly licensed and has an official name if you are placing business-related free classifieds ads. It is illegal in many places to write fake business names when advertising on the internet. You should also ideally include a short description about what it is you do so that potential clients have a rough idea about what you have to offer.

Advertise in relevant classifieds

Most people make the mistake of flooding the internet with their classifieds ads, when as a matter of fact, most people would not be interested in it. It is useful to try and pinpoint your target audience and advertise in such a way that it reaches that particular audience. For example, if you own a clothes shop and you want to post an ad, posting it on a free classifieds ads website for cars might not be your best option.

Include all the right information

In an attempt to save time or be brief, many people leave out important details when they are posting free classifieds ads. However, a lack of relevant information will likely dissuade anyone from taking your ad seriously. You should be sure to mention everything that you think a reasonable person would enquire about your product or service. In case you are selling a physical good, make sure you mention delivery methods and whether shipping is included in the cost or not.

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Future of Online Classified Ads

uncategorized October 25, 2013

The future of online classified ads is not as clear cut as many make it out to be. There are clear leaders in the online classified ads industry today, but the trend is not likely to continue in the near future. Craigslist and other industry giants are lacking key features that are driving away traffic to smaller websites such as i-resell. Here at i-resell, we are trying to answer some of the shortcomings of larger online classified ads websites.

We are personalized

Unlike some other online classified ads websites, we allow individuals who sign up to complete a profile. One can choose to add their full name, nickname, email ID, website, a short biography, Twitter, Facebook, Paypal email, Google+ and even their photograph. Most of these are optional, but they help sellers know who they are selling to, and buyers know who they are buying from.

We promote our classified ads on social media

Most online classified ads sites do not really care whether individuals manage to find the right buyers and sellers. I-resell, on the other hand, actually helps people sell their products through Facebook. We select classified ads every now and then and post them on our Facebook page so that they can get maximum attention. You can’t beat free advertising!

Our website is well-organized

If you want to buy something and i-resell has an ad selling that very thing, it is impossible that you will not come across it. Our website has a powerful search feature that helps individuals find just what they are looking for. Search results are extremely organized, and they are sorted in terms of relevance. Unlike other larger classified ads websites, you don’t need to worry about running into fake listings. We make sure i-resell is a safe environment for you to post your online classified ads.

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Why you should use classified ads websites

uncategorized October 15, 2013

You might have heard from people that classified advertising is a thing of the past, but don’t let them fool you! The fact of the matter is that this form of advertising is still just as effective as it used to be decades ago when it first became popular. The form in which people use classified advertisements may have changed significantly from the days of the printing press to modern classified ads websites like i-resell, but it is still a great way to not just sell an unwanted item or two, but also get a large number of visitors to your website.

Free classifieds are a great way to advertise your website and any services you may have to offer. Classified ads websites normally attract large numbers of targeted traffic, and there is no harm in redirecting interested people to your website. You can rest assured that people will react positively to your advertisement if you stick to tested methods of posting classified ads on i-resell. Unlike general advertising methods that are targeted to larger groups of people, classified ads websites enable you to pinpoint audiences.

Internet marketers have been using websites like Craigslist extensively to get traffic to their websites, but it has become increasingly difficult to post free ads without being flagged. Craigslist was flooded by classifieds ads that were posted solely for the sake of traffic generation. Other classified ads websites have become popular as a result.

Although most classified ads websites have similar guidelines, it is important to adjust your ads so that they do not violate the terms of service. Without making the necessary adjustment, you may not be able to enjoy the various benefits that are associated with posting ads, including increase in clientèle, revenues as well as profit margins!

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Using Classifieds Ads for Apartments

Website News September 14, 2013

Finding a place to live has never been an easy task, particularly if you’re looking to rent an apartment. Gone are the days when one would have to browse through newspaper classifieds in order to find a suitable home. Now, people rely on internet websites such as I-Resell that have classifieds ads for apartments that are waiting to be rented.

You should always make sure you verify whether the photos and description of a particular apartment is actually true. Since it is not difficult posting ads for advertisements, it is possible that you might get scammed into renting out an apartment that is not exactly as is described. Luckily, there are plenty of apartment reviews available on the internet. Just search the apartment you found in a classifieds ad and see its photos, resident reviews etc.

You should always visit a site before you make any commitment to rent it out. If you are unable to visit it, it is advisable that you try to contact people who have lived there in the past. Particular questions you should ask include whether the building has a history of infestation, and whether it has been maintained on a consistent basis. You can check to see whether the apartment in question is listed in the Bed Bug Registry, which can be found on the internet.

It is also important, while looking at classifieds ads for apartments, to enquire whether you will have a roommate or the place to yourself. If there is already somebody else living there, you should make sure you get their contact information and possibly meet up with them before renting a place. The last thing you would want is to live in an apartment with somebody you cannot bare.

Most significantly, you should try to put aside the negative image of using classifieds ads for apartments. If you are careful, you might end up with a great place to live for a long period of time.

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How to Sell Safely Using a Classifieds Ad

Website News September 7, 2013

Do you have way too much stuff cluttering up your garage? If so, that nuisance might just turn out to be extremely profitable for you. If you make use of a free classifieds ad website such as i-resell, you might be able to get rid of things you don’t quite need for a good price. Many people are reluctant selling their items on classifieds ad sites of stories that circulate about people getting conned out of their things and not getting paid.

 While it can not be denied that it is possible to not get paid for something that you have agreed to sell, most sales that occur through a classifieds ad are successful. The first step is to list your products. Remember to list everything separately, and to include catchy descriptions and images so that buyers are lured into making a deal with you. Make sure the buyer knows everything there is to know about the product, and that the final price is agreed upon so that no dispute arises as to the quality or condition of the product.

If you have never sold something to a particular buyer before, you should make sure you two meet in order to complete the transaction. If you do not live in the same city, avoid making agreements to post them the items before you receive the money. If they do not agree on paying you upfront, you should try finding another buyer who lives closer to you. You should try to meet in a public, open space so that your safety is not compromised.

If you are meeting in your home, you should make sure you have your eyes on the person at all times. The last thing you would want is for them to pick up something that does not belong to them. Keep the item ready, packaged and with you so that you can complete the transaction as soon as the buyer arrives. Count the money properly before handing over the parcel.

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Create a Good Classifieds Car Ad on I-Resell

Website News August 25, 2013

If you are looking to sell your car for the highest price, a classifieds car ad on i-resell might serve you well.  Many people are unable to sell their cars using classifieds ad sites, but that should not rule out the effectiveness of this platform. As a matter of fact, if you take the time out to post a good classifieds car ad on i-resell, a sale is quite likely.

The first thing you should look to do when creating a classifieds car ad on i-resell is providing a comprehensive description of the vehicle you are looking to sell. This should include information about the model, year of manufacture, the various features it has, the color, body style and the milage. Although you will probably be adding photos of the car, it is still helpful to include as much information as possible about the car.

When you put up a classifieds car ad on i-resell, you should make sure you flaunt the best aspects of your vehicle. If it has good gas milage, you should state that clearly in the description so that potential buyers are tempted into reading more. Besides listing down the various features the car has, it is also important to explain why you are selling your car. Potential buyers need to be rest assured that there is nothing major that is wrong with your car.

If you have added any features to your car, you should mention these. Anything that is additional to the standard options that come with the car should be explicitly stated, including a new stereo system and even tires. These may convince buyers to pay a slightly higher price for the car. The final bit of information you should include in your classifieds car ad on i-resell is all the warrantly information. Mention whether the car is still in warranty, and if it is, whether that warranty is directly transferable.

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Classified Ads for Businesses

Website News August 21, 2013

I-Resell can revolutionize the way in which you can carry out your business. Since it boasts the ability to post free classified ads that can be viewed by a large global audience, it is a useful tool to kickstart a small business or even support it in the long run. Most people do not think about using classified ads for businesses, but if made use of properly, they are extremely useful.

Before placing classified ads for businesses, business owners should first register their small business. Most classified ads are placed online on websites like I-Resell, buyers often wish to verify whether a business is legitimate or not. You should also make sure that the website you are posting on has ads that are related to a similar genre so that you can be sure potential clients are visiting the website. Posting a classified ad for your home painting services would be useless on a website that only sells cars.

A good way to find a good place to post classified ads for businesses is to use a search engine to find where your competitors have been posting. The only way you can possibly tap into their market is by following them there and posting more compelling classified ads. If you want to promote your business effectively, you can offer a promotion to anybody who clicks. After all, people love discounts!

It is most important that classified ads for businesses contain all necessary information about the business. A catchy phrase and cool business name might interest some viewers, but others would want to know in as few as possible words what exactly it is that you are offering. Being vague is not an effective tactic since it is hard to build credibility in classified ads for businesses without actually describing what it is you do.

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History of Classified Ads

Website News August 9, 2013

Whether published for finding potential spouses or selling a car, classified ads have been around much longer than you’d think. The term generally used to refer to advertisements that appeared in periodicals, but as of late, even advertisements on the internet are being referred to as classified ads. People have been using these forms of advertisement for hundreds of years.

The exact origins of classified advertisements are unknown, but one can clearly see public notices carved out in stones in what is now the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Pompeii. Handwritten public notices, or classified ads as we now know them, are first known to have originated in England in the sixteenth century. They were frequently put up in public places to help people locate property which they had lost.

Classified ads came to their most familiar form in Colonial America, when they were published in a number of periodical newspapers and newsletters in the early eighteenth century. People who wanted to get ads published had to pay a small advertising fee. Although the concept of advertising through classified ads took off at this point, people did not start selling things through classified ads until the nineteenth century. Soon, newspapers all over the world caught up and even published dedicated pages for classified ads.

Once classified ads made it to the internet, a number of websites emerged that still allow people to post free classified ads Today, online classified sites such as I-Resell don’t just provide a meeting point for buyers and sellers. They help facilitate transactions and ensure that both buyers and sellers have a safe and positive experience shopping on the internet. Classified ads are even more effective in helping sellers find potential buyers, since those who wish to find a product can simply use the powerful search feature on I-resell.


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Questions to Ask before Buying on I-Resell

Website News August 1, 2013

Have you found something you really badly need or you’ve wanted for a long time on i-resell? Few things are exciting as finding a rare item that you need/want on the internet, but it is important to keep your excitement in check so that you do not get carried away and make a big mistake. As easy as buying on i-resell is, there are a number of things you should keep in mind before you go about making any purchases.

Buying on i-resell is quite safe since there are a number of protection features to protect buyers. However, diligence on part of the buyer is absolutely necessary to ensure 100% satisfaction. The most important thing is to ask as many questions as possible before buying on i-resell so that you are sure you know what you are getting.

You should make sure you ask specific questions with regards to the description of the product. Clarify which, if any, accessories will come along with it, and if it is a used product, how long it has been used for. Also ask what color the product is, and whether the picture uploaded is the manufacturer’s picture or of the product that is actually for sale.

Another question that you should ask sellers before buying on i-resell is who would bear the shipping cost of sending the product over. In most cases, buyers are required to pay for shipping and the price is mentioned before the transaction is completed. You should also ask what postal service is going to be used and whether you will be provided a tracking number.

You should ask the seller about their returning policy so that you know who will bear the postage costs in case the product is not exactly how they described it. Often times, sellers allow refunds so long as the buyer bears the cost of shipping the product back. Other times, sellers only offer exchanges, and refunds are not possible.


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